Japanese print fabrics are imported from Japan.

100% cotton, prewashed, and machine washable!

                                                       Adult size Japanese themed S & M $13

Hawaiian themed $10

Kids size S&M $10

                                        *Elastic ear loops (can easily be adjusted)

                                                                *Nose wire

                                       *Three layers with filter sleeve (not included)

                                       *Hawaiian pattern: 65% polyester/35% cotton

        Lightweight 100 % soft cotton fabric is used for the lining. 

大人用サイズ和柄 S & M $13


子供用サイズ S&M $10







child medium

child size custom made available!

child large


Adult S, M / Children S, M, L sizes are available.

  Japanese themed masks   $13 each

  Hawaiian themed masks   $10 each

  Kids' size masks (S, M)   $10 each

navy kasuri-fu sakura


purple sakura


white dragonfly


spring storm


puppy date




catwalk green


dog trio


orange quilt cat


cats on the line


chocolate small sakura


catwalk blue


jimikawa dog


green yagara shibainu


purple quilt cat


brick small sakura


              catwalk off white


catwalk chocolate


red asanoha neko


navy yagara shibainu


sakura bunny


Burgundy small sakura

catwalk salmon pink


Gray sakura

pink and purple big sakura


black and red big sakura


wagara combination

                  low in stock             

Pale green sakura

Navy sakura

Pink sakura

brick asanoha


matcha asanoha


black asanoha

pink ogi


Burgundy big sakura


low in stock

karakusa neko


khaki nyanko


cat stamp navy


teal nami classic 


navy sakaya

white sakaya


khaki asanoha neko

Khaki nami neko

burgundy namineko



Mari neko


pink waka

            black wagara hana

Red wagara hana

kahki wagara hana


Purple wagara hana

hakama shibainu


Navy yagara neko

              navy asanoha neko

matcha karakusa


Teal wagasa

White wagasa

Purple crane

Fuji and crane

only one left


purple kasuri-fu muji


chocolate kasuri-fu muji


tsubaki and mari

peppermint shibainu


red shibainu


matcha shibainu


Pink small blossoms

only one left


Blue waka

low in stock

Koi pond

cat stamp white



Blue manekineko

black kasuri-fu sakura


navy bunny


Hawaiian emerald and brown

Hawaiian pink monstera

Hawaiian light blue flower

Hawaiian blue tribe

Hawaiian pinapple

Hawaiian blue primeria

Hawaiian purple monstera

Hawaiian Navy Hybiscus

Hawaiian purple and white hibiscus

Hawaiian red flower

Hawaiian pink and yellow 

Hawaiian purple flower